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    Reliance jBPM - engine/console

    Ales Justin Master

      Server / engine
      1) central point of registry
      1a) exposing client connect API
      1b) security
      1c) poolling
      1d) caching
      2) constructed of bunch of MC beans
      2a) registry
      2b) listeners + event
      2c) statistics
      2d) search (by flow, by actor, ...)

      Clients to engine
      1) usage
      1a) administrator
      1b) actual users/actors
      1c) remote M2M
      2) common abstract client impl
      2a) handling engine connect
      2b) security - authentification, authorization

      Few client impl
      1) socket / terminal
      2) web application (Seam based)
      3) webservices/ejb3 + desktop client

      Bean flow/lifecycle control
      1) 1st exclusively beans registered with engine
      1a) task confirmation
      2) could extend that to on_demand and manual beans
      3) handling beans in error, see JBMICRCONT-266
      4) all beans