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    MC facade / fancy handles

    Ales Justin Master

      As we're approaching 2.0.0.CR1 (GA), more and more project are gonna use us. :-)

      We've been able to hide some of the complexity / details with BeanMetaDataBuilder (and probably some other handy code as well).
      But I still see a lot of questions as 'what is the best way to pull out a bean from MC programmatically'.
      Although most of the dev / user use cases could be squeezed into a couple of classes in each project that uses MC, I still suggest we do some common sort of a fancy facade ala Spring BeanFactory, or any other user oriented IoC.

      What / where would be the way / place to do that?
      1) each sub-project having sub-module with facade / fancy API
      2) keeping a separate facade / fancy sub-project for all other MC sub-projects