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    suggestionbox not working correctly in safari

    vijay kumar Novice

      hii everybody

      i have a suggestion box. it works fine on both mozilla and IE. but the problem is that. i cannot select the items in the dropdown list comming in the suggestionbox.

      some times it is working correctly..
      i have used a a4j:status and most of the times prosses is starting but not stoping.

      i am using RF 3.1.3 GA
      jboss 4.2

      the code is

      <h:inputText id="suggest">
       <a4j:status onstart="display()" onstop="stop()">
      <rich:suggestionbox binding="#{mybean.sgsBox}" for="suggest"
       suggestionAction="#{mybean.autoComplete}" var="result"
       fetchValue="#{result.fname} #{result.lname}" width="180"
       popupClass="popupstyle" ignoreDupResponses="false"
       <a4j:support event="onselect" action="#{mybean.onSelectMethod}"

      in a4j:status onstart method is called but onstop method is not calling. the process is not getting stopped.

      anyone know the solution
      thanks in advance