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    ComponentMetaDataRetrieval - performance

    Adrian Brock Master

      So I've been fnally got around to looking at some performance bottlenecks.

      I've started with the component metadata retrieval problem
      mentioned by Ales on a different thread.

      The issue here appears to be a lot of calls of type Class.getMethod() and
      Method.getParameterTypes() even though for the first, the Method
      is already known when you construct the Signature and for the second
      it isn't always necessary to know the exact parameters.

      The same is true for Constructors and Fields.

      As a performance improvement, I'm going to introduce some caching
      of the Member object to reduce this work
      and make the retrieval of parameter(types) lazy.

      One downside of this optimization is that it will no longer check whether
      the method really exists on the class if you pass in the method.
      i.e. instead of getting back a null you will
      get back some empty metadata if you are stupid in the parameters you pass. :-)