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    JBMICROCONT-362, InstanceClassFactory or override ManagedObj

    Scott Stark Master

      ManagedObject for mcbean deployments are not being created correctly because the AbstractManagedObjectFactory/AbstractManagedObjectPopulator requires that the attachment metadata is what is annotated with the management information. Its the underlying bean that users place the management annotations on. This is similar to service mbeans.

      For service mbeans we created a InstanceClassFactory that returns the underlying mbean class to scan for annotations. We can do the same for mcbeans, but we have overriden the ManagedObjectCreator.build method in the BeanDeployer with a TODO to create the ManagedObjects from the bean metadata. This might have been added before we had the InstanceClassFactory in place. I'm going to prototype a InstanceClassFactory since that can be specified at the server level, but I wanted to check if there was a reason to continue with the BeanDeployer ManagedObjectCreator override.