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    Possible problem with bean-deployer_2_0.xsd

    David Lloyd Master

      IDEA does not like .xml files that use a namespace attached to the bean-deployer schema (since the extraction of the jboss-beans-common stuff into a separate file I suspect). And the IDEA folks say that it's an XSD problem, as other validation tools come to the same conclusion.

      The problem is that elements within top-level "bean" elements are all marked invalid. The errors reported are as follows:

       Error:Error:line (139)rcase-RecurseLax.2: There is not a complete functional mapping between the particles.
       Error:Error:line (139)src-redefine.6.2.2: Group 'valueGroup' does not properly restrict the group it redefines; constraint violated: 'rcase-RecurseLax.2'.

      Note that the error location is in the XSD file, not the jboss-beans.xml file that I'm actually validating.

      Is this our problem or theirs?