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    Adding MetaValueFactory.create(Object, TypeInfo, MetaType)

    Scott Stark Master

      The MetaValueFactory interface does not expose a create(Object, TypeInfo, MetaType) method although the default implementation has a internalCreate(Object, TypeInfo, MetaType). Why not have the corresponding create so that one can specify the MetaType? If one is specifying a MetaMapping on a property to define how the type should be mapped, this cannot be passed into the MetaValueFactory, and its not part of the TypeInfo. The only way currently to pass the MetaMapping would be to annotate the class of the property type.

      Different properties of the same type will want different mappings, and jdk/thirdparty classes will not be annotated either. I think I'll add this method to MetaValueFactory once I look at some tests to see if it breaks anything to have a given TypeInfo associated with multiple MetaTypes.