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    Going GA this week

    Ales Justin Master

      As the JBoss5 deadline is just around the corner,
      I'll start releasing MC's GAs.

      Starting today with VFS.

      Scott, how does it look with JBoss Managed?
      Eventually I could go ahead with others that depend on it,
      but as I see some api changes (e.g. Fields),
      I would still like all MC's to be in-lined with it - all compatible on 2.0.0.GA.
      But otoh, we already have reflect and mdr with different micro number.

      Other sub-projects look in good shape.
      - Kernel; minor performance update on unconfigure nullifying
      - CL; real url usage
      - Deployers; scanning metadata
      - Seam-int; remove lib-opt

      Or does someone still have some issues with it?