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    AbstractVFSParsingDeployer doesn't kick in upon server reboo

    Heiko Braun Master

      I did a JBPMMetaDataDeployer that process *.par archives and prepares the meta data (output= JBPMDeploymentMetaData) for the actual JBPMDeployer:

      public class JBPMMetaDataDeployer extends AbstractVFSParsingDeployer<JBPMDeploymentMetaData>

      It's configured to pick up *.par and process *.jpdl.xml files:

      <bean name="org.jbpm:service=MetaDataDeployer"
       <property name="suffix">jpdl.xml</property>
       <property name="jarExtension">par</property>
       <property name="allowMultipleFiles">true</property>

      It all works fine when i copy new artifcat to the deploy directory,
      however upon AS reboot, the JBPMMetaDataDeployer doesn't kick in.
      Although I can see that the main deployer processes it:

      2009-03-04 11:50:51,903 DEBUG [org.jboss.deployers.plugins.deployers.DeployersImpl] (main) Fully Deployed vfsfile:/Users/h

      Any ideas what I might doing wrong?