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    Dependency on XB DefaultSchemaResolver

    Alexey Loubyansky Master

      I found JBossXBDeployerHelper assumes DefaultSchemaResolver

      private static DefaultSchemaResolver resolver = (DefaultSchemaResolver)SingletonSchemaResolverFactory.getInstance().getSchemaBindingResolver();

      This became a problem with XB 2.0.1.Beta2 where I changed the default schema resolver to MultiClassSchemaResolver (which does not extend DefaultSchemaResolver).

      The difference between the two resolvers is that MultiClassSchemaResolver allows to map more than one class to a namespace (useful for our JCA metadata, for example). The reason I didn't want to implement this in DefaultSchemaResolver is that its removeClassBinding(ns) method returns a single class (in MultiClassSchemaResolver it returns an array).

      Maybe, we can agree on an interface like SchemaResolverWithURIToClassMapping? Or other suggestions?