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    mc-script - and other stupid ideas

    Adrian Brock Master

      I got a bit bored yesterday so I decided to write an example that shows how
      easy it is to extend the microctonainer's value system.
      (Actually the example really shows off JBossXB's xml any handling).

      By way of a stupid example, I decided to write a new ValueMetaData that
      determines its values using the Java6 script engine stuff.
      (As usual change svn to anonsvn if you don't have a jboss.org account).

      You should be able to work out how to use it from the xsd
      or the tests

      Here I'll explain how it works.

      The extension point is that a property (or parameter or collection element) configuration
      takes any ValueMetadata because it is defined in the xml to be an xsd:any element.

      Using the JBossXB annotations to define an xml group
      (you don't actually need the group, a plain type with a getter/setter marked @XmlAnyElement will also work if it is not of type DOM element)

       @JBossXmlChild(name="array", type=AbstractArrayMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="collection", type=AbstractCollectionMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="inject", type=AbstractInjectionValueMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="list", type=AbstractListMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="map", type=AbstractMapMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="null", type=AbstractValueMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="set", type=AbstractSetMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="this", type=ThisValueMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="value", type=StringValueMetaData.class),
       @JBossXmlChild(name="value-factory", type= AbstractValueFactoryMetaData.class)
      @JBossXmlGroupText(wrapper= StringValueMetaData.class, property="value")
      // HERE!
      @JBossXmlGroupWildcard(wrapper= AbstractValueMetaData.class, property="value")
      public interface ValueMetaData extends JBossInterface, MetaDataVisitorNode

      and in the xsd
       <xsd:group name="valueGroup">
       <xsd:any namespace="##other" processContents="strict">
       <xsd:documentation>An extension value</xsd:documentation>

      This means I can create a new subclass of ValueMetaData in its own xml namespace
      and use it anywhere a "ValueGroup" is defined in the xml (or equivalently a property
      is of type ValueMetaData - or a collection of them).

      This is what I've done with the ScriptValueMetaData that invokes a script
      to determine the value.

      @JBossXmlSchema(namespace="urn:jboss:bean-deployer:script:2.0", elementFormDefault=XmlNsForm.QUALIFIED)
      @XmlType(name="scriptType", propOrder="parameters")
      public class ScriptValueMetaData extends AbstractValueMetaData

      The example is slightly more complicated than it needs to be since I added an
      extra feature so you can pass parameters (including injections from other beans)
      which means it has to handle visiting the children of the metadata (the parameters)
      and a few other bits and pieces like making the "controllerContext" available as a
      variable to the script.

      Without those complications, you can see that all the work is just in getValue(TypeInfo, ClassLoader).

      There are a number of other places within the microcontainer and deployment
      or classloader metadata that can be extended in this way, e.g. the classloader