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    Adding vargargs parameters to getXXXDeclaredXXX methods at J

    Flavia Rainone Master

      This post is related to issue JBREFLECT-53.

      As result of implementing JBREFLECT-53, I noticed that MutableClassInfo now has two similar getDeclaredMethod methods:

      MutableMethodInfo getDeclaredMethod(String name, TypeInfo... parameters);
      MutableMethodInfo getDeclaredMethod(String name, String... parameters)

      Now, if I try to call getDeclaredMethod with one parameter like the piece of code below:
      MutableClassInfo mci = ....

      I get the error:
      The method getDeclaredMethod(String, TypeInfo[]) is ambiguous for the type MutableClassInfo

      So, this forces us to use getDeclaredMethod with a minimum of two parameters, taking away some of the advantage of having a signature with vargars:
      mci.getDeclaredMethod("bar", new TypeInfo[0]);

      Would it be all right if I added a third method to MutableClassInfo (see below), so I can get rid of the problem?
      MutableMethodInfo getDeclaredMethod(String name)

      My main concern is whether there could be other classes outside of JBoss Reflection project implementing MutableClassInfo interface.