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    generating new row inside <rich:datatable> on enter button

    Vishal Harle Newbie


      I`m using <rich:datatable> inside <rich:ModalPanel>
      There are two fields inside the row of the datatable <h:inputText> and framework component <rich:calendar>.I`m generating new row on the click of a button .
      But now I don`t want to use the button and I expect it to generate the new row automatically after putting values in <rich:calendar> and pressing 'Enter' on the keyboard.

      I`ve tried using

      <a4j:support id="onchangeDate" event='onblur' action="#{simulationController.handleInput}" ajaxSingle="true" reRender="modal_panel" binding="#{simulationController.addPayment.date}"></a4j:support>

      inside the Component but not working.

      Please help me to make it work.