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    Module adds invalid delegates

    Thomas Diesler Master


      Consider this use case


      Bundle-Name: BundleB
      Bundle-SymbolicName: org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.bundleB
      Export-Package: org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.support.b
      Import-Package: org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.support.a
      Bundle-Name: BundleA
      Bundle-Version: 1.0.0
      Bundle-SymbolicName: org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.bundleA
      Export-Package: org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.support.a,org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.support.b
      Import-Package: org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.support.a,org.jboss.test.osgi.classloader.support.b

      BundleB imports PackageA from BundleA, but *not* PackageB.

      Classes in PackageB are expected to get loaded from the bundle that the class load is initiated from.

       assertEquals("Bundle ACTIVE", Bundle.ACTIVE, bundleB.getState());
       // BundleA is expected to resolve when BundleB gets started
       assertEquals("Bundle RESOLVED", Bundle.RESOLVED, bundleA.getState());
       assertLoadClass(bundleA, A.class, bundleA);
       assertLoadClass(bundleA, B.class, bundleA);
       // BundleB imports A from BundleA
       assertLoadClass(bundleB, A.class, bundleA);
       // BundleB does not import B
       assertLoadClass(bundleB, B.class, bundleB);


      The code in Module.addDelegates(...) incorrectly adds the DelegateLoader from the dependent module irrespectively of the packages that are actually being imported. this effectively makes makes all the packages from BundleA visible to BundleB

       Module other = item.getModule();
       DelegateLoader delegate = iDependOnModule.getDelegateLoader(other, requirement);
       // Check for re-export by the module
       if (requirement.wantReExports())
       addDelegates(iDependOnModule, delegates, dynamic, visited, true);
       // We want a module's re-exports (i.e. part of its imports) before the module itself
       if (delegate != null)

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          Thomas Diesler Master

          I changed the code such that it adds FilteredDelegateLoaders

           // Only add a the delegate if this is not a self-dependency
           if (iDependOnModule != module)
           // If we are connecting to another module we collect the imported package names per delegate
           if (requirement instanceof PackageRequirement)
           ClassLoaderPolicy policy = delegate.getPolicy();
           List<String> packageNames = delegateToRequiredPackages.get(policy);
           if (packageNames == null)
           packageNames = new ArrayList<String>();
           delegateToRequiredPackages.put(policy, packageNames);
           PackageRequirement packageRequirement = (PackageRequirement)requirement;
           // Add FilteredDelegateLoaders for all collected package requirements
           for (Entry<ClassLoaderPolicy, List<String>> entry : delegateToRequiredPackages.entrySet())
           PackageClassFilter filter = PackageClassFilter.createPackageClassFilter(entry.getValue());
           delegates.add(new FilteredDelegateLoader(entry.getKey(), filter));

          For this I needed to change the visibility of DelegateLoader.getPolicy() to public