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    Calling commit/rollback on remotely initiated tx

    Brian Stansberry Master

      AFAICT in the current 1.3 code, Transaction.commit() or Transaction.rollback() are never called on transactions that are initiated due to a prepare() call from a remote cache. Our own code handles the commit/rollback of operations on the cache, but if any user code has used TreeCacheListener to register a Synchronization on the tx, they won't get the beforeCompletion()/afterCompletion() calls.

      Stumbled into this because a unit test I wrote in 1.2.4SP1 for JBCACHE-359 this does just that :-). Suddenly didn't work in 1.3.

      Also, in 1.3 it looks like the TxInterceptor doesn't register as a Synchronization either. I believe this means that if a remote prepare() call is successfully executed but then the originating cache crashes and never sends a commit or rollback, when the local tx created by the prepare() call times out and rolls back, the cache changes made as part of the prepare() won't be reversed, locks won't be released, etc.

      Note for users of TreeCache interested in the subtleties of its tx handling: Once the above mentioned issue gets resolved, even if user code does register a Synchronization on this kind of tx, and then calls tx.setRollbackOnly() during the beforeCompletion() phase, the rollback will not propagate back to originating cache. This is because the commit/rollback on the remote cache is called as part of a Synchronization.afterCompletion() call on the originating cache. At that point, the tx on the originating cache cannot be rolled back. Besides, the commit/rollback call is asynchronous, so the originating cache never gets a response. Having this call be asynchronous makes sense, since the fact that the remote commit()/prepare() is called as part of afterCompletion() means the originating cache can't do anything with a response anyway.