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    Proposal for new directories in head


      In 1.3DR2, I am planning to provide JDK1.5 annotation support for POJO Cache. In doing so, couple things need to happen:

      1. When building the distro, we will need to use JDK5.0. And it will produce two packages: jboss-cache.jar (with 1.4 flag for JDK14 user) and jboss-cache-50.jar (for JDK50 user).

      2. We will have two new directories under JBossCache: src-15 & tests-15 to house JDK50 specific files and unit tests. Now is just couple files. But with the next release, I envision 1.5 annotation will continue to grow.

      I pretty much copy the approach in jboss aop. Does anyone have objection to this?