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    Cach activations seem to do excessive database operations

    Jerry Gauthier Apprentice

      When implementing the ActivationsInterceptor mbean, I found that the activations count was much larger than I expected. I assumed that an activation would only occur if I tried to read a node that had been previously evicted. However it looks like an activation occurs whenever I try to read any node with activations enabled.

      In the following example, I'm writing one node with a key. I'm not evicting it or passivating it at all.

      tree.put("node5", new HashMap());
      tree.put("node5", "key5", "value5");
      tree.get("node5", "key5");
      tree.get("node5", "key5");
      tree.get("node5", "key5");

      This code snippet generates 5 activation operations; each of these operations accesses the database to try to remove an entry for fqn=/node5.

      Is this correct processing?