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    JBCACHE-344 - JBoss Cache IDE Eclipse plugin

    Manik Surtani Master

      Hi all. I've looked at Gurkan Erdogdu's JBoss Cache IDE Milestone 1 release, and have the following comments and thoughts. I'd like to kick off a discussion on this to help pinpoint the requirements better, and as a result help guide Gurkan with further releases of the IDE plugin.


      - Worked fairly well, integrated with Eclipse (3.1.2) quite easily.
      - Was hard to 'get started' using it - needs documentation to say that the JBossCacheIDE views need to be enabled in Eclipse.

      Config Generator

      - Configuration generator is good, works, but needs a few tweaks/new features:
      - EvictionPolicy nonexistent
      - Should have all the Eviction Polcy classes we ship
      - Should be able to type in a custom eviction policy loader class
      - Should be able to type in CacheLoader classes for custom cacheloaders
      - Defaults should have the complete set of cache loaders shipped with JBoss Cache
      - Configs should be updated to JBC 1.3.0 style cacheloader configs ( i.e. multiple cacheloaders)
      - Cacheloader preload should have a disabled/none check box
      - Cacheloader properties should be a text box where users can enter a set of key/value pairs. Important for custom cache loaders.
      - Perhaps pre-populate this set of key/value pairs for properties required for the cache loaders shipped with JBoss Cache.

      - Transaction manager lookup drop down should allow for GenericTransactionManagerLookup (default) as well as -- none -- option
      - Should be able to type in the name of a custom Transaction Manager Lookup.

      - Other JBoss Cache 1.3.0 options such as NodeLockingScheme
      - Ability to query org.jboss.cache.Version and hide options not available to specific versions. Also display specific version number of JBoss Cache being used.
      - Cache configuration file name to default to treecache_generated_by_jbosscache_ide.xml
      - JGroups group name to default to GENERATED_BY_JBOSSCACHE_IDE
      - What does the "jar selection" section do?

      - Config translator - ability to translate a JBoss Cache 1.2.x style configuration into a JBoss Cache 1.3.0 style one.

      Starting TreeCache/Object Graph/Cache Contents

      - Ability to start a TreeCache
      - is this useful?
      - so what if we can create nodes, we cannot create key/value pairs
      - what use is the object graph and cache content pane if we cannot put things into the cache?
      - In general, what is the point of running an instance of the cache in your IDE, which your running code cannot get a reference to?

      - May make more sense to connect to a running TreeCache instance via JMX
      - Allows you to view/publish stats of a running system as well as cache contents.