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    PassivationInterceptor synchronization and behavior?

    Elias Ross Master

      In PassivationInterceptor, what is the purpose of this synchronization block?

       synchronized(this) {
       if(meth.equals(TreeCache.evictNodeMethodLocal)) {
       // evict method local doesn't hold the attrrbutes therefore we have to get them manually
       attributes= getNodeAttributes(fqn);
       // notify listeners to the cache instance that this node is about to be passivated
       cache.notifyNodePassivate(fqn, true);
       loader.put(fqn, attributes);
       if (cache.getUseInterceptorMbeans()&& statsEnabled)

      Certainly, m_passivations should be locked.

      Also ./src/org/jboss/cache/interceptors/ActivationInterceptor.java same sort of question.