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    processing java.util.properties values from a xml file

    Scott Marlow Master

      http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBCACHE-531 is about how we don't currently support property values such as "c:\temp\testCache". The root of the issue is that storing java.util.properties style values in an xml file means that backslashes need to be escaped.

      There is also a related jira JBAS-1888 which is the same issue for code in the app server.

      In general, my gut instinct is that we shouldn't load java.util.properties values from a xml file because the escape handling is easy to get wrong (especially if the user already doubled the backslashes in the xml config file.) It is also difficult to handle the escape processing consistently when jbcache has its own separate code dealing with java.util.properties values being read from xml.

      Depending on whether we agree on this point, we can decide on the right way for moving forward. If we agree, then, I propose not using any java.util.properties style values in jboss cache in the next release.

      An easier alternative might be to share common library code between the app server and jboss cache for handling the java.util.properties values. However, the user will still need to deal with updating the configuration file during an upgrade to remove any extra backslashes that they added (they had to add them to workaround the bug in earlier releases.)