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    Can region be inheritant?


      Brian discover this during the pre-2.0Alpha integration for the http field replication with marshalling and buddy replication.

      Basically, there is a slight mismatch for the concept of region between marshalling and br. In the example of field replication, when a user deploys a web app, the marshalling region is associated with the web app level, e.g., in fqn term, "/JSession/myWebApp". And then when BR is involved, the region concept is actually associated with the particular session, e.g., "/JSession/myWebApp/12345jx".

      So what is the problem in PojoCache? When a user do an attach, I will look for the corresponding region first and then store the internal data under that region. For example, the fqn can be "/JSession/myWebApp/12345jx/ATTRIBUTE/joe". So when I pass this to the RegionManager to retrieve the corresponding region, I am getting "/JSession/myWebApp". But instead, I need to have "/JSession/myWebApp/12345jx".

      What is the solution? Brian and I propose that he can create arbitrary region during session creation, say, "/JSession/myWebApp/12345jx". But this region has empty eviction and marshalling property. Instead, it will inherit from the parent region property. In this way, eviction and marshalling can go on without problem. While BR in PojoCache can also retrieve the correct region.

      Of course, when a session is removed, the corresponding region will need to be removed as well.