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    TxInterceptor logging of exceptions

    Brian Stansberry Master

      TxInterceptor catches all exceptions that come up from lower in the interceptor chain, logs them at INFO, and then rethrows the exception if there isn't a failSilently option set.

      1) Why log at all if the exception is going to be rethrown? The log doesn't indicate any action on the part of the interceptor. Eviction now uses a 0 ms timeout, so a lot of those timeouts could end up getting logged.

      2) If failSilently is set, a stack trace in the log at INFO doesn't seem very silent. People freak at stack traces no matter what level. At a minimum I think any INFO logging should be just the message, with a stack trace only at DEBUG or TRACE. But with Hibernate's usage, I think these are going to be too frequent for INFO.