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    Rigid design of state transfer manager, factories, integrato

    Basil Achermann Newbie

      In one of our projects, we need to keep remote systems in sync with cache content. When a cluster node that already has some transient state connects or reconnects the cluster, incremental state update notifications must be provided, the default notifyAllNodesCreated() approach just doesn't cut it.

      It seems that in order to do this in 2.0.0, I have to subclass DefaltStateTransferIntegrater and actually write what I need. Then, I have to subclass StateTransferFactory and/or at least StateTransferManager and override the getStateTransferIntegrator() method and return my own. Then replace the transfer manager in cache impl. Is this correct?

      Shouldn't there be an easier way to do this, e.g. the ability to register a custom integrator with the state transfer factory? Or being able to pass my own factory to the default state manager? It seems that the code contains some generic design ideas but they are implemented in a static way that prevent them from actually being used. What do you think?