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    Increasing Cache size for the application

    Arunav Nayak Newbie


      We are developing a management software where it manages more than 15000 servers/devices in the network.
      We are facing problem while caching all the data from all these devices, we can not scale the number of devices as there is limitation of memory available to JVM in 32 bit Windows platform(i.e. 1.5 Gb) although we have 8 GB of ram available in the Server.(Also this application is targeted towards 32 bit wondows platform)

      So should we use Jboss Cache to increase the cache size or there is any mechanism to use multiple JBoss cache in different JVM running together in the same system?

      Please help........

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          Manik Surtani Master

          JBoss Cache can help, since you can tune eviction parameters such that you don't hit the 1.5 GiB limit. When the cache size exceeds any limits you specify, data is evicted from memory and offloaded on to disk using a cache loader. Not sure if this helps you with your problem though. I'd recommend reading through the user guide, especially chapters on eviction and cache loading.