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    Problem with after loading Huge data

    Sanat Yelchuri Newbie


      I am new to Jboss cache, so i gone through some examples and try to use them to my requirements. here is my requirement. my aim is to store and retrieve frequency of a particular key (String), so i have written a wrapper methods to add, remove, and get frequency for a key. the tricky part here is to take the advantage of tree structure of Jboss cache to implement TRIES data structure, which means the input key will be splitted into chars and inserted in the tree as nodes and the leaf node contains the frequency. If the same key is inserted twice the frequency at the leaf will increase to 2 and so on. This structure helps me to save some space by sharing some of the roots nodes for the different leaf nodes. I didnt implement any replication or persistence mechanism.

      The problem here is when i insert 3mil (50mb) entries i am able to get the frequency in the way i am expected and if i try to insert 10mil entries (of size 105mb) all are getting inserted (ofcouse by increasing vm heap size) with out any error, but if i try to verify the existence of a key, i am getting not exist, can anyone comment on this behaviour?

      I have few questions.

      1) I would like to know whether Jboss cache framework will suite to my requirement where it contain less depth (20 to 30 levels) and huge breath size (in thousands)?

      2) Is there any limitations on Jboss cache memory size?

      Please clarify...

      Thanks in advance