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    High resource utilization on loading CMS portlet with HTML p

    kutti ma Newbie

      we are facing "High resource utilization on loading CMS portlet with HTML page in custom portal" for our application.

      In our portal, on accessing only a single page which has one CMS portlet is dropping the system entirely.

      Its found some dead lock of threads and cache memory which keeps on increasing in size thus soley utilizing full memory which is quite GB in size and 99% of CPU.

      Can anyone help with how JBOSS handles CMS loading at background and if any settings needs to be changed in JBOSS for custom Portals CMS.

      The only change done for CMSPortlet class is


      path" is the file location of html page for the CMS instance got from preference
      //TODO: To support multi lingual support we should take the locale issue fix from jboss.
       // Commented the below code to handle the issue "Any content change from CMS Admin Portlet does
       // not reflect in the custom portal cms portlet with out performating a server restart.
       Command fileExistsCMD = CMSService.getCommandFactory().createItemExistsCommand(path + "/" + req.getLocale().getLanguage());
       Boolean bExists = (Boolean) CMSService.execute(fileExistsCMD);
       fileGetCMD = CMSService.getCommandFactory().createFileGetCommand(path, req.getLocale().getLanguage());
       fileGetCMD = CMSService.getCommandFactory().createFileGetCommand(path, new Locale(CMSService.getDefaultLocale()));
       fileGetCMD = CMSService.getCommandFactory().createFileGetCommand(path, new Locale(CMSService.getDefaultLocale()));
       file = (File) CMSService.execute(fileGetCMD);

      Thanks in advance for guidance.