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    cache statistics via JMX

    Mircea Markus Master

      Following information is currently being exposed through JMX:

      1)RpcManager (replCount, replFailuresCount)
      2)ActivationInterceptor (activation count)
      3)CacheLoaderInterceptor (lods, misses)
      4)CacheMngmtInterceptor (hits, missis, puts, eviction count, cache life in secs, avg read/write durration)
      5)InvalidationInterceptor (number of invalidations)
      6)PassivationInterceptor (number of passivations)
      7) Txinterceptor (prepare, commit and rollback count)

      Is there any other information you would find useful for being exposed?
      ( Starting with 3.0 it is much easier to aggregate/expose thorough JMX - JBCACHE-1305 )