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    JBoss Cache 3.0 and JBoss AS 5


      Guys (particularly Brian and Paul, I guess)

      How could we easily write a delegation layer to make sure JBC 3 will work in AS 5? I'm sure folk in the community would be interested and if we can provide something that would be very valuable.

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          Two possible approaches:

          ASServiceA --> JBCIntgAPI --> JBCIntgImpl3 --> JBC 3
          ASServiceB --> JBCIntgAPI --> JBCIntgImpl3 --> JBC 3
          ASServiceC --> JBCIntgAPI --> JBCIntgImpl3 --> JBC 3


          ASServiceA --> ASServiceAJBCIntgAPI --> ASServiceAJBCIntgImpl3 --> JBC 3
          ASServiceB --> ASServiceBJBCIntgAPI --> ASServiceBJBCIntgImpl3 --> JBC 3
          ASServiceC --> ASServiceCJBCIntgAPI --> ASServiceCJBCIntgImpl3 --> JBC 3

          I don't think I want to limit all AS usage of JBC to a single fixed API. I prefer to have the flexibility to use all features of a particular release for a particular service.

          There are 6 JBoss AS usages of JBC:

          1) Hibernate 2LC. The 2nd style approach is already implemented:

          Hibernate --> RegionFactory --> cache-jbosscache2 --> JBC2

          2) EJB3 SFSB. The 2nd style approach is already implemented in the next gen caching discussed at http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/DevEJB3NewSFSBCache

          3) Web sessions. JBC interaction already goes through a utility class; this needs conversion into a proper SPI, a factory for the implementation, and a separate jar for the implementation. Should be pretty simple, just needs doing. JIRA is https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-5820

          4) Clustered SSO. There already is an SPI and a mechanism for specifying the class of the impl.

          5) DistributedState. I would prefer reverting DS to no longer use JBC over making any attempt to abstract out an SPI. TBH, I think this is a good idea anyway, just haven't done it due to other priorities.

          6) HA-JNDI. Same as DistributedState.

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            For ClusteredSSO, if we created an alternate impl of the web session SPI, any needed new ClusteredSSO impl would be packaged with it. It's only one class.

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              Ok, this is good to know. Would these be in AS5 at some point (if not 5.0, a point release afterwards)? And I guess more importantly EAP 5?

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                Having it for EAP 5 is my goal, yes. And that means also in a community AS release around the same time. The hibernate and ejb3 sfsb ones will come out of those projects.

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                  Great - so getting JBC 3 in EAP 5 is a possibility then?