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    JBCACHE-1423 Fix


      Discussion of https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBCACHE-1423 -- see JIRA description for background.

      The "simple fix" I discuss on the JIRA solves the out-of-date state problem, but breaks a number of other unit tests:


      In the first two there are specific assertions that a put(Fqn, Map) call doesn't result in a cache loader load. The latter two fail because the test setup does a bunch of put(Fqn, Map) calls and the tests assert that this didn't result in any cache loader misses; w/ my fix it does.

      Bottom line, my simple fix results in cache loader get() calls that weren't there before. So, hopefully you guys have a better solution. ;) One possibility is what I mentioned on the JIRA -- change CLI.loadNode so it doesn't overwrite existing in-memory key/value pairs with those from the persistent store.

      I'll check in the unit test for this.

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          Looking in trunk, where the JBCACHE-1368 work did something very much like what I propose as the 2.2.X "simple fix", I see that the above mentioned tests have been altered to assert the behavior that occurs in a patched 2.2.X.

          So, any objections to my committing the "simple fix" and changing the 2.2.X assertions?

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            Yeah altering the tests is fine by me, Brian. As you've noticed I've done the same on trunk.