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    Cannot see XDoclet Project Properties

    Jyotishman Pathak Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am using following:

      Eclipse 3.0 + JBOSS-IDE 1.3.0 in Win XP. I was actually trying to create an stateless session EJB (FiboBean example described in the tutorial at jboss website). I created these source code(s) as part of a J2EE 1.4 project.

      Everything works fine when I try to insert XDoclet tags, until I need to make XDoclet Configurations. When I go from, Project > Properties, I cannot see "Xdoclet Configurations". Can you tell me why?

      Few related posts in this topic were:

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      Q : I can't see the XDoclet/Packaging configurations in my Project properties ?

      A : There are two conditions to view these two items in the properties page :

      You must be in the Java perspective
      You must use the Package Explorer View.

      If one of these conditions is missing, you won't be able to access the configurations.


      I tried all of these, but nothing worked. Kindly help me out of this as I spent a considerable amount of time in this already.