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    Any guide for CMP EntityBeans configurations w/ JBossIDE?

    Jack Ling Newbie


      I'm new to jBoss and J2EE. Following the jBoss tutorial example is ok.

      However, I need more meat to get started.

      Anybody can refer me to some examples and configurations details to set up Container-Managed Persistence EntityBean at eclipse (JBossIDE)? Don't know which parameters to fill to tell the system which database server to connect to for persistent storage?

      Your help is much appreciated.


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          Adrian Newby Newbie


          The information you really need depends on whether you have previously developed using entity beans before.

          If you have, then you should take a look at http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net, which will tell you exactly which tags (both generic ejb and jboss-specific) to use to get the elements you need in your deployment descriptors.

          If you haven't used entity beans before, then you really need to understand how they work before you try and accelerate the process with JBoss IDE's XDoclet support. If you don't have the basic knowledge, it will be frustrating and unpleasant. In my opinion, the best reference out there for learning EJB is O'Reilly's Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition
          By Richard Monson-Haefel
          3rd Edition September 2001
          ISBN 0-596-00226-2

          You can get it through www.amazon.com or www.bookpool.com (usually cheaper)