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    Can't Deploy Tutorial Example Fibonacci


      Sorry - I have no good news.

      I get a very similar "connection not found" Jboss exception.

      I'm looking for the same solution.

      JBoss-IDE 1.3.0 Eclipse 3.0.1 Jboss 3.2.3

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          I will report that the source code I downloaded from sourceforge just now built and deployed without any problems.

          See the 1.3.0 link "Tutorial-1.3.0.zip" I thought it was just a ziped version of the Tutorial PDF not the source code for the example - another example of poor naming.

          So I'm convenced that since I didn't follow the tutorial - "to the letter". That there is some small "mistake" in my source - most likly some XDoclet tag that is causing this deployment exception.

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            I have some good news - my example is now working!!! :)

            Here's some of the things I found wrong in my code:

            * typos in the application.xml in the DOCTYPE line

            * typos in XDoclet Packaging Configuration for FiboEJB.jar the folder "/Tutorial/bin" has include filter: "tutorial/ejb/*.classes, tutorial/interfaces/*.class"
            I had "ejd" - close but no cigar!

            * checking the FiboEJB.jar - it was missing the FiboBean.class - DUH!

            I'm not real sure but I also used the XDoclet Standard Configuration for EJBs - on the popup menu when you add a XDoclet configuration. These add in a large set of XDoclet processes/task that are not included in the Tutorial's config - I removed these (even though they were blank) these default sets of task may have create some issues for me.

            Hope this help someone else...