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    URGENT: XDoclet fails on javaj generics

    fredatwork Newbie


      This isan urgent call.

      I've recently migrated to Eclipse 3.1M2 and JBoss IDE 1.4 in order to be able to use java generics. When I run XDoclet through Eclipse, it fails parsing java generics. Here is a sample error :

      [ejbdoclet] Error parsing File G:\rubis_server\src\com\rubis\app\calculation\ejb\CalculationQueryDeletionProgramBean.java:Encountered "<" at line 117, column 22.

      Line 117 of my file is the following :
      ArrayList\<CalculationQueryLocal\> queryList = new ArrayList\<CalculationQueryLocal\>((ArrayList\)queries);
      Please ingore the backslashes that I added to this java syntax in order to avoid confilcts with html brackets.

      Obviously, the xdoclet jar files installed with JBoss IDE 1.4 cannot parse generics. Is this true ?

      Thanks in advance for any help.