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    JSF doclet usage problem

    Catalin Kormos Newbie


      Hope this is the right forum to ask this question. I want to use JBoss IDE for generating some JSF specific xml descriptors. For this, i've copied xdoclet-jsf-module-1.2.2.jar under the directory /plugins/org.jboss.ide.eclipse.xdoclet.core_1.4.0; after that i've telled the JBossIDE to refresh modules definitions from Preferences (also restarted eclipse, just to make sure). Now i should be able to add a doclet named "facesconfigxml" to the standard webdoclet, but i can...the custom doclets specified by the jsf xdoclet module have the WebDocletTask as parent task, so this makes me think that "facesconfigxml" doclet should addable to the webdoclet, but it can't be added, it's not visible. Have you any ideea about what could be the problem?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Xiaolong Hao Newbie

          I have the exact problem. Any work around for this.

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            Xiaolong Hao Newbie

            It seems that you need to manually update a file called reference.xml under
            org.jboss.ide.eclipse.xdoclet.run\resources folder to make the new subtask to show up.

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              Catalin Kormos Newbie

              Yeap, could be...did you do that already and it works for you? can you post the needed modifications?

              Thanks, i realy appreciate your interest in this

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                Xiaolong Hao Newbie

                Add the following in you reference.xml inside webdoclet tag definiation. I tried and it worked.



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                  Xiaolong Hao Newbie

                  Somehow, the previous post does not have the xml portion. Here again

                  <element name="facesconfigxml" displayName="facesconfigxml" used="true">
                   <attribute name="destDir" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="version" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="defaultLocale" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="messageBundle" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="supportedLocales" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="useIds" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="xmlencoding" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="schema" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="validateXML" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="acceptInterfaces" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="acceptAbstractClasses" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="packageSubstitutions" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="packageSubstitutionInheritanceSupported" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="prefixWithPackageStructure" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="destinationFile" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="templateFile" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="havingClassTag" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="ofType" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="subTaskName" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="mergeDir" used="false"/>
                   <element name="ConfigParam" displayName="ConfigParam" used="true">
                   <attribute name="name" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="value" used="false"/>
                   <element name="OfType" displayName="OfType" used="true">
                   <attribute name="type" used="false"/>
                   <element name="PackageSubstitution" displayName="PackageSubstitution" used="true">
                   <attribute name="packages" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="substituteWith" used="false"/>
                   <attribute name="useFirst" used="false"/>