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    Changing 'boiler plate' in auto-gen code


      In case your interested I decide I didn't like some of the 'boiler plate' code that JBoss-IDE auto generates. So this is how I changed it.

      In the class level tag I didn't like the display name 'Name for QuoteBean', I wanted it to read 'QuoteBean EJB'.

      * @ejb.bean name="QuoteBean"
      * display-name="Name for QuoteBean"
      * description="Description for QuoteBean"

      So I found the template for this in the file:

      Note there may be multiple dirs ...j2ee.core_VERSION for different versions of JBoss-IDE.

      Then searching that file for 'display-name' I changed the boiler plate code to:
      \ * @ejb.bean name="{0}"\n\
      \ * display-name="{0} EJB"\n\
      \ * description="Description for {0}"\n\

      You'll find this boiler plate code multiple times - one for each bean type.

      WARNING: If you muck up this file - it's your own fault - be careful!

      You may also want to make other changes - like removing the TODO from the comments of methods, etc.