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    XDoclet configuration options

    Marcus Zerio Newbie

      Is there anywhere that I can get a list of the options that can be configured for XDoclet generation and example settings for them?

      For example, I'm trying to get the ejbdoclet->utilobject->includeGUID option to work. I tried just checking it and nothing happend. I'm not very fluent in XDoclet or Eclipse and am kind of lost at the moment. I have the system producing the Util classes but they don't have the generateGUID() method.

      What should I do to get this to work? And is there anywhere I can go to get info on other tags besides posting the questions here.

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          I wouldn't consider myself to be a specialist, either. But it's working for me. Maybe we should compare some details.

          I'm using JBoss-IDE 1.3.30
          with manually configured XDoclet vs. 1.2.2 (with a manually added patch to get @jboss.ejb-local-ref working in MDBs. However, I believe there is nothing changed that effects your problem.

          In the project Properties>XDoclet Configutations I added utilobject for the XDoclet configuration dealing with the EJBs. In my case the checked properties are
          But the includeGUID alone should do the trick IMO.

          You are proberbly doing something different, aren't you?