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    Deployment -> Redeploy and Undeploy always grayed out

    Jarkko Lietolahti Novice

      I've been having this problem for awhile now but i've been unable to solve (without reinstalling Eclipse & JBossIDE). After i've succefully deployed a resource using the right-click->Deployment->Deploy To i'm unable to either redeploy or undeploy the deployed resource using the Eclipse GUI. The Deployment->Redeploy and Deployment->Undeploy are always in inactive state (grayed out and unselectedable).
      The little green arrow is visible after a succesful deployment in the Resource Navigator.

      Is there a preferences file or something i can delete to restore JBossIDE to "default"? Maybe the "always grayed out" situation is caused by some overlapping old preference laying out there somewhere, dunno. I'd like to be able to solve this problem without complete reinstallation of both Eclipse and the plugins.

      The whole situtation is most likely caused by my rather complex Eclipse setup with a lot of different installed plugins, configurations and plugins under development in my (multiple) workspaces.. Just to let you know.