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    xdoclet for xmbean

    peter neville Newbie

      Does anyone know if there are any plans to provide @jboss.xmbean for XDoclet to enable generation of xmbean.xml descriptor?

      Who is responsible for this, jboss or xdoclet?

      Thanks in advance.

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          peter neville Newbie

          I see that there is no @jboss.xmbean, but you can add jbossxmbean in jboss ide xdoclet configurations.

          However, I now find problems with using jbossxmlservicetemplate:
          1) It creates a file called null-service.xml, even though I have the class tag @@jboss.service servicefile ="test"
          2) This file contains as the root element, when in fact it should be ?
          3) There is no in the file

          Example of my XDoclet:
          @jmx.mbean name="org.jboss.ejb.plugins.uuid.UUIDGenerator"
          * description = "desc"
          * persistLocation = "${jboss.server.data.dir}"
          * persistName = "doomdarkuuidgen.ser"
          * persistence-manager = "org.jboss.mx.persistence.ObjectStreamPersistenceManager"
          * currencyTimeLimit = "10"
          * state-action-on-update = "keep-running"
          * @jboss.service servicefile = "uuid"

          Any ideas?