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    xdoclet for hibernate

    Manjula Jayaraman Newbie

      Does JBoss IDE has the xdoclet for generating hibernate mapping files? We are currently using MyEclipse and are thinking of migrating to JBossIDE. But, the xdoclet for hibernate mapping files is REQUIRED.

      Could someone please let me know?


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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          yes it has...why don't you just try it out :)

          and otherwise as I understand it you can just add whatever xdoclet modules you want to the xdoclet.core plugin.

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            Manjula Jayaraman Newbie

            Thanks Max.

            I installed JBoss IDE plug-in in Eclipse 3.0. Using the XDoclet code assistant (Windows->preferences->JBoss IDE->XDoclet->Code Assist, i generated "xdoclet-build.xml" file. It seems to have some references to MyEclipse plug-in. Please note that we were using MyEclipse before and i uninstalled it already. I'm not sure why the current newly generated "xdoclet-build.xml" file has references to MyEclipse plug-in as below:

            Could someone please point out why it's happening?


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              It might be because you project still has stale references to Libraries or JARs that were provided my MyEclipse. Check your Project properties and look at Java Build Path, tell me if you see anything there.

              Hope that helps =)

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                Manjula Jayaraman Newbie

                Thanks Marshall.

                It seems that i was using the old xdoclet build file that i used for MyEclipse. As i uninstalled MyEclipse and tried to run that build file, i was getting the error.

                I just checked and my Java Build Path doesn't have any references to MyEclipse.

                I've POJOs with Hibernate tags in my project. I would like to create hibernate mapping files (*.hbm.xml) for each of them. From the XDoclet->Code Assist, i don't see any thing related to hibernate (but see various templates for EJBs and servlet).

                What's that i'm missing?

                Please note that iDID NOT use New Project->JBossIDE->J2EE Project to create my Eclipse project.