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    JBOSS-IDE 1.3.0 Tutorial Guide not generating war or ear fil

    Steve DeBettignies Newbie

      I loaded JBOSS 1.4 and I'm trying to implement the Tutorial project to see whats working and whats not.

      I've seen 2 problems:

      Creating the servlet on page 18 of 38 I'm inserting the missing XDoclet javadoc tags for the Servlet. When I go and Type @web. and then Ctrl+Space I don't see the magic, the import tags don't get resolved?

      2. The main problem is I've created the package and it doesn't generate the jar, war or ear files. I'm displaying part of the build below. When it tries to copy the "FiboEJB-client.jar" it's not created.

      I'm missing something obvious in the package that is preventing the jar, war and ear files from being created. I'm using the Tutorial (JBOSS-IDE 1.3.0 Totorial Guide" verbatim.

      Any ideas?