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    I am interested in JBoss IDE.  How do I install it?  Pleeeea

    perry ourst Newbie

      you should get the 1.4 version just came out... also IDE is a plugin for eclipse. You must install eclipse first then the IDE plugin. When you install eclipse if you are on windows just unzip it into a folder usually call it eclipse.
      And thats it its installed. Just navagate to the eclipse.exe icon, double click and eclipse does the rest, it finds the jdk on its own.

      Also if you have trouble installing the IDE which i have sometimes. Instead of doing the update thru eclipse i just unzip the IDE into the parent directory of ecllipse install. For example if you have C:/eclipse/eclipse-sdk-1.4 unzip it into the one right above /eclipse-sdk-1.4.

      Good luck