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    Automatically (Ant) packaging using JBossIDE???

    Michael Furman Newbie

      I have started to use JBossIDE and it is great.

      Now I want to package all staff automatically.

      What I mean?
      I have created couple of projects ? Presentation, Business Logic (you know ? regular staff).

      For now each project is packaged as following:
      1) Define the packaging configuration
      2) Perform the ?Run Packaging? (Ctrl + Alt + F7) command. The command performs the following:
      a. Create packaging-build.xml file
      b. Run Ant on this file

      The question, if I have option to perform the ?Run Packaging? automatically, with some Ant task (or some Ant task to create packaging-build.xml).

      In this case I will run Ant task and will package my project (or I will create Ant target and first will create packaging-build.xml for each my project and than I will run Ant on the file in each project).

      Is it possible to do it in JBossIDE?
      Any ideas?

      Best regards,