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    Jboss Debug

    Mark Crowley Newbie


      I have JBoss 2.4.8 - Jetty 4.0.4 running within eclipse via the JBoss IDE.

      I can successfuly start the server (and see messages in the console etc).

      I then fire up the browser and navigate to my web app and then navigate around the app. Everything is fine and again I see messages in the console.

      However if I navigate to a page that results in a breakpoint being hit (EJB, Servlet, Java Bean, whatever) I get a windows "javaw.exe has encountered an error and has to close...." message box.

      When I close the message box the browser returns "The page cannot be displayed".

      Going back to eclipse everytrhing is fine, but the integrated server has been shutdown (ungracefully as the logs just stop). Eclipse logs show nothing. If I debug javaw.exe there is a write violation.

      Any ideas?

      Eclipse 3.1M4
      JBoss IDE 1.4.0
      WTP 1.0M2