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    Hot Deployment with JBossIDE - How?


      Can someone describe how and what the JBossIDE hot deployment features do and how they are configured - thanks!

      I have Eclipse 3.0.1, JBossIDE 1.4.0

      I'm not sure what the exact meaning of "hot deployment" is but...

      At times it appears that the EAR I've deployed to JBoss 3.2.3 does NOT need to be rebuilt/compiled & deployed but JBoss sees the class file changes after a file save in Eclipse.

      Eclipse is building into my project's bin folder - JBoss does not know about that folder - but some how (as if by magic) Eclipse must be sending the new class file to JBoss. This is what I call "hot deployment".

      But it does not work for other developers here... so I'm trying to figure out what is different in their enviornments and why it doesn't work.

      Can someone explain - or point me to some docs