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    Debug JBoss-source with Eclipse

    sys user Master

      Hello everyone,

      I want to debug the JBoss 3.2.6-Source with Eclipse-IDE. When I mount the source-code as Eclipse-Project and build the whole project, I got many errors! Now I added all thirdparty-jars, that are in the sourcecode-thirdparty directory to my project, but anyway I get errors en masse.

      Does anyone know, which jars I really need or what I have to do in order to get a project free of errors?

      Thanks in advance

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          mazz Master

          This happens to me all the time :-) I forget to run the ant scripts the very first time in order to generate some of the source (XDoclet stuff and RMIC and the like).

          Go to the build project and run "build.bat". That will go through all source projects and build it, including generating the source.

          Once that is done, Eclipse won't have any errors.

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            sys user Master

            Thanks for your answer.
            I run the build.bat but it throws errors.

            [javac] Compiling 228 source files to C:\Eclipse\workspace\JBoss-Source\comm
            [execmodules] C:\Eclipse\workspace\JBoss-Source\common\src\main\org\jboss\net\ss
            l\SSLSocketFactoryBuilder.java:9: cannot resolve symbol
            [execmodules] symbol : class SSLSocketFactory
            [execmodules] location: package ssl
            [execmodules] import javax.net.ssl.SSLSocketFactory;
            [execmodules] ^
            [execmodules] C:\Eclipse\workspace\JBoss-Source\common\src\main\org\jboss\net\ss
            l\SSLSocketFactoryBuilder.java:19: cannot resolve symbol
            [execmodules] symbol : class SSLSocketFactory
            [execmodules] location: interface org.jboss.net.ssl.SSLSocketFactoryBuilder
            [execmodules] SSLSocketFactory getSocketFactory() throws Exception;
            [execmodules] ^
            [execmodules] C:\Eclipse\workspace\JBoss-Source\common\src\main\org\jboss\loggin
            g\XPriority.java:79: warning: toPriority(java.lang.String) in org.apache.log4j.P
            riority has been deprecated
            [execmodules] public static Priority toPriority(String name)
            [execmodules] ^
            [execmodules] 2 errors
            [execmodules] 1 warning

            BUILD FAILED
            C:\Eclipse\workspace\JBoss-Source\tools\etc\buildmagic\buildmagic.ent:406: Compi
            le failed; see the compiler error output for details.

            Total time: 4 seconds


            Do you have an idea what's wrong here?