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    Change EJB WIZARD

    sylvain reyt Newbie

      Hi folks,

      Is there a way to change/configure the EJB Wizard ?

      I mean : when i ask for a CMP EJB, the plugin puts on the file some tags associated to CMP ejb. allright.
      But i want to put more : like @ejb.finder, @ejb.pk class=" ".

      I managed to modify the CMP template and i have what i want after having MANUALY used the code assist. is there a way to force the wizard to use MY template instead of predefined template ?

      Same problem when you ask for J2EE > add CMP Field : some tags are missing like the persistence method.

      Well i think you got the problem no ?

      Is there a JBoss IDE developper here or a simple Guru that can bring me light ?