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    Can JBoss -IDE debug jsp?

    Low Han Ming Newbie


      I would like to know if JBoss-IDE can be used to debug jsp.

      I so far have success with debugging servlet class and I believe should be possible for ejb classes as well.
      However, I can't seems to set any breakpoints for jsp.

      Can anyone help to advice on how do they debug the jsps?
      Do I have to use other plug-ins like sysdeo, and can they co-exists?

      Thanks for any advice.

      Han Ming

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          Low Han Ming Newbie


          Sorry, I have checked out the wiki roadmap and it mentioned that it's available in version 1.4.

          I'm using version 1.4, but I can't seems to set a breakpoint on my jsp.
          Have I missed out anything?
          Is there a tutorial where I can refer to?

          Thanks for any advice.

          Han Ming

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            Sreenivasa Rao Newbie

            Any luck ?
            I am also trying to do the same.

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              Low Han Ming Newbie


              I have managed to get it working.

              But, I'm sorry I can't remember the exact steps.

              Here are the few things I have done to make it work.

              a) Under the project properties, under JSP Compilation Support, check the Check to enable JSP compilation.
              b) Set the Web Application Root folder
              (You have to access the Project Properties using either Right-Click Project | Properties or Project | Alt-Enter, you don't have this option if you do a Project | Properties from the menu bar)

              2) Then I change the deployment format from an archive format to exploded format under the Packaging Configurations

              3) Then I go menu bar, Window| Preferences | JBoss-IDE | Deployer
              to configure a new user-defined deployment target so that I can copy the exploded format to the JBoss/server/default/deploy

              I believe step 3 are not critical in enabling the JSP debugging, but since you have create your target in exploded format, it becomes a step that is necessary to deploy your application to the server.

              Maybe you may wish to post back to the forum on whether you can get the jsp debugger to work after step 1a, 1b or 2.

              Hope this information helps.


              Han Ming

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                Low Han Ming Newbie


                By the way, you need to remember that your exploded jar and war are not automatically sync with your compiled files.

                Meaning, say if you change some code on the jsp or java class, Eclispe will actually automatically build the lastest *.class.
                But in your exploded war or jar, it's still the old file, you need to manually Run Packaging to updated your archive with the latest files.

                But not to worry about how swap, JBoss-IDE will do the auto swap for you.

                I'm actually having some problem with the hot swap which I have made another post in the "JBoss Eclipse IDE Developers Forums" if you are interested in having a look.


                Han Ming