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    Remote interfaces are created, but no locals???

    Maik Hassel Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I am going through the fibo tutorial, and everything works well. I am now trying to extend the tutorial with my own entity bean, and I got it to run,

      BUT: I noticed that only remote interfaces are generated for both the fibo and my own bean. After running XDoclet, the interfaces folder has the following entries:


      DBEntity (my own)
      DBEntityHome (my own)

      ...and that only happens if I declare DBEntity's view type as "remote" or "both".

      If I declare it "local" or "both", no "local" interfaces are generated... does anyone have an idea why? I did add the "localinterface" subtask underneath the xdoclet task...

      I am asking because I am trying to have the entity bean using only local access and have the session bean work on the entity bean.....

      Any suggestions are appreciated!!!