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    a4j and rich tags not working in my project

    dsf asdasd Newbie

      I have a project i ve been working on for a while, its a web-war project build with maven. Now i need a drag n drop menu to perform, and thats where ajax comes in. Ive been looking at an example: http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/dragSupport.jsf;jsessionid=43B9DEF568709BF839063C59D4D5595A?c=dragIndicator

      I couldnt get it working though. Then i started a new project on the side from scratch just to get the DragnDrop going, and after the proper config, i got it running: The page drags from a list loaded from the backingBean and drops it in a zone, where i can access methods from the backingbean again. Basically, I can do whatever I want: i have access to the bean at the right moment and I receive the correct information about the object that was being dragged. Now I copied the page, the backingBean, and all the other config to my original project and its still not working. The strangest thing: the page is being fully rendered. So then I try to use a simple commandbutton or link, now I find out that nothing works from the a4j or rich tag libraries.
      If youre wondering, by proper config i mean:
      -Maven dependencies on rich-faces,
      -Web xml: ajax skin, viewhandlers and filters(ajax filters go first, i know)
      -no config needed in faces-config

      Im about to go nuts now: if i dont find the cause soon, im gonna copy all the classes from my old project step by step to the working sample project and see where it stops working, and thats a lot of work. So if anyone has an idea, let me know, i will not post code now, but i can show you in the next post if you want.