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    J2EE Connector 1.5 Deployment Descriptor doesn't generate

    Mark Mindenhall Newbie

      I'm running IDE 1.4.1 in Eclipse 3.0, and am unable to generate an empty JCA 1.5 deployment descriptor (ra.xml).

      When I go to File->New->Other->JBoss-IDE->Descriptors->J2EE Connector 1.5 Deployment Descriptor, and click "Next" to start the wizard, I get a strange page with !!NewConnectorXml15PageWizardPage.0!! at the top. Then when I select the parent folder and click "Finish" to generate an empty ra.xml file, the file is generated, but only the same string "!!NewConnectorXml15PageWizardPage.1!!" is in the file. Has anyone been able to successfully run this wizard and generate the deployment descriptor?